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Ciara Is A Man : The Facts

So if you are here then you, like thousands of other people each month, are wondering "Is Ciara a man?". Well please don't think you are a minority on this topic, I personally am convinced that Ciara is a man indeed, however I will let you form your own conclusions by reviewing all the facts on this website. One thing's for sure whether Ciara is a man, women, transgender or alien you can't deny his/her talent and ability to sing pretty well. Don't get us wrong here at Ciara is a man . com we don't particularly hate Ciara, we think he/she is a great and talented performer and wish her all the best of success in her career, we simply just think they are is a pretty little secrete that's being hidden. And lately, to make things even more confusing it seems that Ciara has signed on to play the love interest of Adam Sandler in an upcoming movie, and
since Adam Sandler's career is filled with roles in which he either portrays or acts along side men in drag I think this will act as a smooth transition for a manly looking friend Ciara. So if you've read this far you truly are a gumshoe in a quest to know the truth (haha). Ciara is a man . com is your one stop shop for proof, simply use the navigation bar located at the top of this page in accordance of where you want to go. We have pictures that prove it, even some videos you will have to see to believe, we also are constantly updating this site to be sure to check back often. Be sure to post our site on your Facebook wall so that you can share the LOLs with your friends :D.


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